Tuesday, February 28, 2012

we're still here...

well i'm just embarrassed that this is my first (and likely only) post for february.  i was just recounting to a friend at church how thankful i was that we've seemed to have moved out of the sickness zone now that the boys are a little older.

mistake #1.

the very next day i was sick with a stomach bug.  that afternoon burrito came home from school not feeling well and running a fever.  that was a monday.  on wednesday, he woke up with a 104 degree temperature so off to the doctor we went.  a chest xray revealed the start of pnuemonia.  by thursday evening, we added a stronger antibiotic to the already prescribed one and the antibiotic shot he received at the doctor's office when his body just could not kick the fever.  by friday, he was feeling like a new man.  on sunday, noodle came home from church with sudden, acute ear pain so off to the doctor i went with him.  he had an ear infection.  then the following friday, noodle was doubled over with abdominal pain.  it was pretty scary.  neither of my boys complain much when they are sick so when one of them is crying in pain, i get a little nervous.  everything checked out okay so we are just assuming that whatever it was, the Lord answered our prayers and took it away.

so hopefully this week will be normal.  please Lord?

and just for fun, here's a pic of the boys while watching the super bowl.
don't they look tough???
 happy tuesday!