Thursday, October 30, 2008

You know you're a blogger if.....

Okay, finish this sentence....You know you're a blogger if......

You know you're a blogger take note of funny things that happen throughout the day and exclaim to your spouse, "This is blogworthy!"

Yes, this happened to us tonight. We were shopping at our local WalMart, the only WalMart that I can tolerate on earth. There's just something about this's never very busy, it's relatively clean, and it just feels a little nicer than other WalMarts. Our previous local WalMart is beyond description. I hated that place and I don't hate very many places. It was the dirtiest, nastiest, rudest, country-bumpkin-est place I hope to ever frequent and I am quite frankly glad we moved and no longer need to visit there. I've been back and it has not changed. No offense to those who would label themselves as country-bumpkins....I don't think you would want to associate with this WalMart either! But I digress.....

So we were picking up a few things at the WalMart and a WalMart employee comes on over the loudspeaker and announces something. I didn't even hear what they said, as I am quite accustomed to blocking out most extraneous noises. I am sure no other moms out there can relate, huh? But my always observant burrito notices, and looking at me wide-eyed says, "Mom, what was that? Was that God talking?"

I kid you not.

John and I about fell over right there on the coffee aisle.

So I explain to burrito that no, that voice was not the voice of God, but rather a WalMart employee. Still not convinced, he says, "But I can't see them, just like I can't see God."

I am not sure how our Lord feels about being compared to a WalMart employee.

Or maybe I do.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Halloween Pictures

More pictures of the boys from The Picture People, our traditional halloween splurge.


I think I've said it before....I LOVE fall! I love the cooler weather (not cold weather, I DO NOT like being cold!), the leaves changing colors, football games, pumpkin muffins, and all of the other things I associate with fall.

One tradition we started by accident is taking the boys' picture in their halloween costumes. So deciding on what each one will be is a bigger deal, only because I am paying money to have their pictures made. Here's one of the many great pictures we had professionally made (you'll have to ignore the watermark they put on there).
Well, now that the boys are older, they like to exert their will more and more as to what clothes they will wear, costumes included. So while we don't have a theme going on, I would say I have the most handsome frog and lion out there! Here's my picture....What do you think?

This past Saturday our little town had a halloween festival down the street at our favorite park. It was super crowded but I think the boys enjoyed it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Noodle!

I simply cannot believe, will not believe, refuse to believe that my youngest is now 3!

October 23 2005, 3 years ago, little noodle popped out in a record 4 hours. That's right, 4 hours from the time my water broke at home while watching the Cowboys play that Sunday afternoon, to noodle being born in the hospital. So quickly that I really missed most of the benefits of that glorious epidural. You popped out sunny side up at 9:24 pm. Your dad and I could not believe how much you looked like your older brother. We were a little horrified how the doctor held you up by your head to show you to us (a little too rough for this mama!). You were so sweet and we were so glad that you came at a time in the evening where we could still get a full night's rest! :)

Ever since the day you were born, you have amazed us with your ever-evolving spirit. You were an early walker and an early talker. You always wanted to keep up with burrito. How life was so crazy those first few months of having an 18 month old and a newborn. You had reflux and an allergy to milk. Life was crazy but oh so fun!

Life now is a little less crazy and still lots of fun. You love your brother and the two of you are a force to be reckoned with! You surprise us with how quickly you learn letters and how to write them. You are mostly laid back and in your own little world but when you make your mind up about something, there's no changing it. We love your need for physical affection, your love for books and your appetite for waffles! You don't like getting dirty and refuse to finger paint. You love to memorize Scripture and cannot go to bed until we recite the fruits of the Spirit. You love Jesus and I love that about you.

We celebrated your birthday over 3 days, which I guess goes along with your age, but after 3 days, I think we were all tired of partying!

On Thursday, your actual birthday, we made pumpkin and birthday cake-shaped pancakes for breakfast. We went to McDonald's for a birthday lunch, we went to the bounce houses at the pumpkin patch and then out to dinner at Gloria's for a birthday dinner. We celebrated at home with a cupcake and opened presents from Nena, Pappaw and Nonna.

On Friday, we hosted our mom's group playdate and had our friends over for a fun time to play and eat cupcakes and "mummy dogs." Then that afternoon we went to the pep rally at school and then to the football game that night.

On Saturday, we met the family for a birthday lunch. When we asked you where you wanted to eat, you matter-of-factly responded, "Chili's!" Then they came back over to our house for spider birthday cake and more presents!

We had a great time celebrating your birthday and thanking God for giving you to us as our son.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The World According to My Boys...

First things first, it seems I have been on a blogcation. Yep, that's right, that really is a "blog" word floating around out there.

While my hernia surgery went great and I really did not have the recovery I had anticipated (it was much easier), I truly am just now getting back to feeling normal. I think yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks I have not had a nap, and I am not a napper. But I did go to bed around 10p which is way earlier than this normally nocturnal girl goes to bed....going to bed, instead of blogging...just not like me!

So....this will turn into a dreadfully long blog I am afraid. While I have been a little down and out over the past two weeks, my family has not and there is much to document.

Hmmm.....where to begin?

How about this? Several evenings ago, as we sat down to eat dinner, a dinner which I was quite proud of, as I have not cooked a "real" dinner in about 2 weeks, I made the comment to the boys that this particular dish was one that I formerly made when our family consisted only of John and me. You know, when I had the time and motivation to use more than 4 ingredients to make a meal! I should have taken a picture, but it is called chicken broccoli braid and looks quite impressive. My first born burrito, who always has to have the last word about everything, exclaimed, "I remember this dish!" I corrected him and told him, "No. This is a dish I used to make before you were born." Quite smugly burrito said, "No. I saw this dish when I was in your belly. I peeked out of your belly button!" We all burst into laughter. Of course you did, what was I thinking?


We met our friends from church last Thursday (7 days post surgery, what was I thinking?!?!?) at another pumpkin patch a little farther from home. We went to this one last year and the boys loved it. Lots of pumpkins and lots of bounce houses, complete with a real tractor-driven hayride. It was a bigger hit this year. It is amazing to me the difference a year makes. Last year we were telling burrito to push noodle down the bounce house slide because he would get up there and then refuse to slide down. This year I was asking them both to please calm down and put a little less "fly" into your slide. They were total boys. Check out noodle's hair in this picture!

In fact, they loved it so much we had to take Dad the very next day for more pumpkin bouncing fun. The weather was just beautiful and made for a great family day.

This is exactly where these 3 jokers belong! :) Note their "mean" jail faces!

Today we went to another favorite family location. The boys love the fountains and longhorns here and we love the fresh, open air....and the people watching!

I thought this picture captures the true nature of you see where their fingers are???

I loved this picture of noodle, though he nearly ran out of the shot. He would get close to the fountain and then the wind would blow water on his face and he would run and shriek in his goofy little way.

Our other favorite spot is always the bookstore. We walked in and John said, "I love books." There is something about that smell and the feeling that washes over you when you think about sitting down with a good book and good coffee. John and I have some history here. And we love that we are fostering a love for books in our own boys.

Next week our little noodle will be turning 3! I just can't believe our babies are growing up. I really love and treasure everyday the close relationship our boys have with each other. I get asked at least once a week if they are twins. It happened today. They are 18 months apart but they don't remember a day without each other. In fact, burrito told me the other day that he and noodle are twins, after he heard me tell someone they were not. I love their love for each other. Please Lord may it always be this way!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jennifer Vs. Hernia

Round 1 Thursday Oct 2

I know, the question on everyone's mind is how did I get a hernia? They are typically found in men, not women, in people who lift heavy objects, not a lazy wimp like me. So how did I get one? Who knows! But I had one, that is, until this past Thursday when I had surgery to repair the hole in my abdominal wall. I've had surgery before so not everything was completely new, but I have never had an invasive surgery that went through muscle so I was a little nervous. I woke up after the surgery, suprisingly, with little to no pain. They had inserted this catheter attached to a pain pump that continuously delivered pain meds to the incision site for the first 48 hours. I would soon learn how invaluable this little thing was! I went home and rested the rest of the evening and felt pretty good.

Round 2 Friday Oct 3

I slept great overnight and got up Friday morning and felt good enough to get everyone ready for school and out the door. My mom was here to drive and help and she was very helpful! I felt great for the first couple of hours of being up and then realized, with increasing pain, that I might should rest a bit! :) So I did and Friday was pretty uneventful. The pain pump was still working and the pain was increasing a bit, but still very bearable.

Round 3 Saturday Oct 4

Bad news....the pain pump was empty. I slept terrible and woke up around 5:30a in some big pain. My midsection felt like it was on fire, en fuego! I had to get a little more serious about taking the pain pills now and keeping ice packs on the incision. After feeling a little better, I removed the catheter and the pain pump which made me feel a little woozy. I spent a lot of the day in the recliner and took 2 pain pills at a time, instead of just one. That evening I was able to remove the dressing from my incision and take a shower, hooray! Showers make such a difference in my countenance.

Round 4 Sunday Oct 5

I slept decently overnight and felt rested. No pain pills for me, just ibuprofen and the pain was definitely bearable. John and I did a lot of walking which actually feels better than just sitting all day long. My sweet mom took the boys and we had like 5 hours to ourselves, a little piece of heaven. We love our boys but it had been a long time since it was just the two of us. We watched football and rested and it felt good.

Now we are praying for an easy week and more rest for me. Being a mommy takes a lot of energy and we don't realize just how much until we are unable to do it. This has been such a good lesson for me to practice, relying on others for help, not being so independent and admitting that I can't do everything.

But I know you can't relate to that....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We love this time of year! The cooler weather, the colors of fall, and pumpkins! Our local Farmer's Market has this huge pumpkin patch full of pumpkins, hay, and mums. It is truly beautiful. And for the kids, each year they have 2 bounce houses they put up. It is totally free (which I love!) and the kids, of course, just love it.

What a difference a year makes too! Last year when we went, noodle would climb to the top of the slide blow up but then would refuse to come down. So we would have to tell burrito to push him down! This year, I was worried because they were crazy and bouncing all over the other kids.

Here are some fun shots from the bounce houses:

They also have this little area set up for some fun fall pictures and I could not resist!

And of course we had to act a little silly!

Happy Fall!