Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Noodle!

I simply cannot believe, will not believe, refuse to believe that my youngest is now 3!

October 23 2005, 3 years ago, little noodle popped out in a record 4 hours. That's right, 4 hours from the time my water broke at home while watching the Cowboys play that Sunday afternoon, to noodle being born in the hospital. So quickly that I really missed most of the benefits of that glorious epidural. You popped out sunny side up at 9:24 pm. Your dad and I could not believe how much you looked like your older brother. We were a little horrified how the doctor held you up by your head to show you to us (a little too rough for this mama!). You were so sweet and we were so glad that you came at a time in the evening where we could still get a full night's rest! :)

Ever since the day you were born, you have amazed us with your ever-evolving spirit. You were an early walker and an early talker. You always wanted to keep up with burrito. How life was so crazy those first few months of having an 18 month old and a newborn. You had reflux and an allergy to milk. Life was crazy but oh so fun!

Life now is a little less crazy and still lots of fun. You love your brother and the two of you are a force to be reckoned with! You surprise us with how quickly you learn letters and how to write them. You are mostly laid back and in your own little world but when you make your mind up about something, there's no changing it. We love your need for physical affection, your love for books and your appetite for waffles! You don't like getting dirty and refuse to finger paint. You love to memorize Scripture and cannot go to bed until we recite the fruits of the Spirit. You love Jesus and I love that about you.

We celebrated your birthday over 3 days, which I guess goes along with your age, but after 3 days, I think we were all tired of partying!

On Thursday, your actual birthday, we made pumpkin and birthday cake-shaped pancakes for breakfast. We went to McDonald's for a birthday lunch, we went to the bounce houses at the pumpkin patch and then out to dinner at Gloria's for a birthday dinner. We celebrated at home with a cupcake and opened presents from Nena, Pappaw and Nonna.

On Friday, we hosted our mom's group playdate and had our friends over for a fun time to play and eat cupcakes and "mummy dogs." Then that afternoon we went to the pep rally at school and then to the football game that night.

On Saturday, we met the family for a birthday lunch. When we asked you where you wanted to eat, you matter-of-factly responded, "Chili's!" Then they came back over to our house for spider birthday cake and more presents!

We had a great time celebrating your birthday and thanking God for giving you to us as our son.

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Colored With Memories said...

3 days of partying this year...4 days next!

that cake looked awesome...what a fun time of celebrating!