Saturday, October 18, 2008

The World According to My Boys...

First things first, it seems I have been on a blogcation. Yep, that's right, that really is a "blog" word floating around out there.

While my hernia surgery went great and I really did not have the recovery I had anticipated (it was much easier), I truly am just now getting back to feeling normal. I think yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks I have not had a nap, and I am not a napper. But I did go to bed around 10p which is way earlier than this normally nocturnal girl goes to bed....going to bed, instead of blogging...just not like me!

So....this will turn into a dreadfully long blog I am afraid. While I have been a little down and out over the past two weeks, my family has not and there is much to document.

Hmmm.....where to begin?

How about this? Several evenings ago, as we sat down to eat dinner, a dinner which I was quite proud of, as I have not cooked a "real" dinner in about 2 weeks, I made the comment to the boys that this particular dish was one that I formerly made when our family consisted only of John and me. You know, when I had the time and motivation to use more than 4 ingredients to make a meal! I should have taken a picture, but it is called chicken broccoli braid and looks quite impressive. My first born burrito, who always has to have the last word about everything, exclaimed, "I remember this dish!" I corrected him and told him, "No. This is a dish I used to make before you were born." Quite smugly burrito said, "No. I saw this dish when I was in your belly. I peeked out of your belly button!" We all burst into laughter. Of course you did, what was I thinking?


We met our friends from church last Thursday (7 days post surgery, what was I thinking?!?!?) at another pumpkin patch a little farther from home. We went to this one last year and the boys loved it. Lots of pumpkins and lots of bounce houses, complete with a real tractor-driven hayride. It was a bigger hit this year. It is amazing to me the difference a year makes. Last year we were telling burrito to push noodle down the bounce house slide because he would get up there and then refuse to slide down. This year I was asking them both to please calm down and put a little less "fly" into your slide. They were total boys. Check out noodle's hair in this picture!

In fact, they loved it so much we had to take Dad the very next day for more pumpkin bouncing fun. The weather was just beautiful and made for a great family day.

This is exactly where these 3 jokers belong! :) Note their "mean" jail faces!

Today we went to another favorite family location. The boys love the fountains and longhorns here and we love the fresh, open air....and the people watching!

I thought this picture captures the true nature of you see where their fingers are???

I loved this picture of noodle, though he nearly ran out of the shot. He would get close to the fountain and then the wind would blow water on his face and he would run and shriek in his goofy little way.

Our other favorite spot is always the bookstore. We walked in and John said, "I love books." There is something about that smell and the feeling that washes over you when you think about sitting down with a good book and good coffee. John and I have some history here. And we love that we are fostering a love for books in our own boys.

Next week our little noodle will be turning 3! I just can't believe our babies are growing up. I really love and treasure everyday the close relationship our boys have with each other. I get asked at least once a week if they are twins. It happened today. They are 18 months apart but they don't remember a day without each other. In fact, burrito told me the other day that he and noodle are twins, after he heard me tell someone they were not. I love their love for each other. Please Lord may it always be this way!

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Colored With Memories said...

great post! you've had a pretty busy post-op.

was that the FM pumpkin patch? shame on you guys for being so close and not calling!

i am so wishing lily and jade were closer in age...while it may be harder on the front end, i think it is so neat for the long haul.