Thursday, October 30, 2008

You know you're a blogger if.....

Okay, finish this sentence....You know you're a blogger if......

You know you're a blogger take note of funny things that happen throughout the day and exclaim to your spouse, "This is blogworthy!"

Yes, this happened to us tonight. We were shopping at our local WalMart, the only WalMart that I can tolerate on earth. There's just something about this's never very busy, it's relatively clean, and it just feels a little nicer than other WalMarts. Our previous local WalMart is beyond description. I hated that place and I don't hate very many places. It was the dirtiest, nastiest, rudest, country-bumpkin-est place I hope to ever frequent and I am quite frankly glad we moved and no longer need to visit there. I've been back and it has not changed. No offense to those who would label themselves as country-bumpkins....I don't think you would want to associate with this WalMart either! But I digress.....

So we were picking up a few things at the WalMart and a WalMart employee comes on over the loudspeaker and announces something. I didn't even hear what they said, as I am quite accustomed to blocking out most extraneous noises. I am sure no other moms out there can relate, huh? But my always observant burrito notices, and looking at me wide-eyed says, "Mom, what was that? Was that God talking?"

I kid you not.

John and I about fell over right there on the coffee aisle.

So I explain to burrito that no, that voice was not the voice of God, but rather a WalMart employee. Still not convinced, he says, "But I can't see them, just like I can't see God."

I am not sure how our Lord feels about being compared to a WalMart employee.

Or maybe I do.

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Colored With Memories said...

yes, you're definitely a blogger! your mind will never shut down now. welcome!