Sunday, April 10, 2011

burrito is 7!

i just can't figure out a way to celebrate the boys' birthdays with just one party.  we've always got the family party, the actual birthday party with fun snacks at school, and then the birthday party with school friends.

i am worn out!  ha!

so first up this year was our family party with my side of the family.  we celebrated with dinner from panda express, a huge oreo cookie cake and presents of course!

the boys with cousin porkchop
i love this picture of burrito's face....such glee and anticipation!
isn't this a fun cake?  and sweet mimi even remembered noodle's distaste for cake (go figure!) and had cookies complete with decorating icing for him!
 digging in!
 noodle decorating his cookies with the letter "t" for the birthday boy
 i think cousin porkchop enjoyed his cake too!
 and the birthday loot!  lego sets and some spending money!
second was burrito's actual birthday on wednesday, april 6.  john and i took a cookie cake up to school for the kids to enjoy.  we were clearly a distraction (read: chaos) in the classroom, so i failed to snap a pic and we scooted out pretty quick.  we have the tradition of letting the birthday boy pick the place to eat out the night of their birthday and burrito picked cafe brazil.  pics of that celebration with john's side of the family were here.

then came the all anticipated school friends party.  this year we chose a campout theme and invited all the boys over to our backyard friday after school.  john and i both took the day off of work to prepare and i'm glad we did because we worked like crazy people up to the very last second!

these signs greeted our guests as they arrived.
we tried to transform our backyard into a campground complete with tent, fire pit, and picnic tables.
when the boys first arrived, we had a camp backpack they could color with fabric markers.  this also served as their party favor bag at the end of the party which included a flashlight, compass, whistle, camp pencil, and s'mores granola bar.
i was camp counselor and i led the boys in several camp games such as a backpack relay, hoola hoop pass, tug of war, telephone, rainmaker and other random games the boys wanted to play.  it was fun but exhausting.  the boys were hot and sweaty by this point so we took a break to eat hot dogs and chips and get a drink!  
we had originally planned to roast the weenies over the fire pit but we quickly realized this was just way too much to handle with this many crazy boys so john just slapped them on the grill.  

then it was time for dessert!  i made individual cups of dirt cake complete with gummy worms.  this was a big hit with the boys.
we concluded the party with opening presents and then just letting the boys run wild in the backyard.
i think the boys had a blast and i was in bed by 8:30 that night!  i was exhausted!

happy 7th birthday burrito!  we love you!


Football and Fried Rice said...

I LOVE the camping theme! How VERY clever you are! Love the dirt cups too! How can noodle not like cake!?Birthday cake is one of my very favorite foods and one of the same reason that i can't seem to shake those last ten pounds :)

Xenia said...

Oh, what a FUN party! No wonder the boys all had such a great time, this has the perfect combination of arts & crafts and physical activities and more! Mmmm, I could go for a yummy dirt cup right about now... :)