Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet the Teacher & First Day of School 2012

Last night the boys had the opportunity to go to school and "meet" their teacher.  Of course, they know most of the teachers at school already but it is still fun for them to see where they will sit and know exactly where to go on the first day.  The teachers always have a sweet little treat waiting for them there too.
burrito the third grader with his bag of special treats
burrito checking out his REAL textbooks with his buddy

noodle with his sweet 1st grade teacher mrs. s
i can't believe my baby is a 1st grader!
my husband really loves that i INSIST on taking his first day of school pic too!
and here are my cute men before we headed off to school this morning.  this is their chapel uniform because they have chapel on wednesdays.  aren't they handsome?!?!

here we are walking into school.  that's burrito and john ahead of us.  i made john come for my emotional support! :)

burrito outside his 3rd grade classroom
noodle outside his 1st grade classroom
when i picked them up this afternoon, they both said they had a really great day and loved their new teachers.  burrito had his textbooks because we had to put covers on them tonight.  i had to conjure up my book-covering abilities from years past.  i can't believe he has real textbooks.  does this growing up thing ever slow down???  noodle talked about how they can earn tickets for good behavior and then cash in their tickets for little prizes.  they both talked about seeing their old buddies at recess and not having any homework for this first week.  hooray!

i was not as emotional about leaving them this year.  i think i am finally accepting that they are growing up and learning new responsibilities and that's a good thing...even if it's hard for this mama.  i just love them so much.  such a treasure and gift from Jesus.

praying sweet blessings on them this new school year...

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