Wednesday, April 8, 2009


well, with all the hype and planning of the party behind me, i can finally post these pictures and random updates.

a few sunday nights back, our church held their annual dinner, variety show and auction. this has always been fun and we try to make it every year. when the boys were younger, we would make it through dinner okay, but our attendance there would always be cut short by a tired or restless child. i can remember maybe the first year getting through dinner and part of the show with one of the boys (or maybe both) strolling around the back of the sanctuary. each year, we were able to stay a little later than the previous year but we never made it through the entire show. well, this year was such a pleasant change! the boys, john and i sat right up front for the entire show and had so much fun! we all laughed and laughed at the performances. it felt like such a good family bonding moment. now trying to explain how an auction works to a 5 and 3 year old was not such a family bonding moment, especially when noodle won the items he had placed a bid on but burrito did not. oh dear. lucky for me, noodle's win included several items and he was sweet to share. so sweet in fact, that i looked out our back window and saw this:
look close at what is in john's hand. yep, that's see a child's water hose sprinkler...and is a child using be the judge, ha, ha! this was one of the items won and john was using it to water our new sod! he did share with noodle too! :)

and i've been meaning to include a true after shot of the swingset we stained. the after shot that i posted before did not include the fort tarps we had to put back on. john used armour all on them to make them really shiny and they look great!

and burrito is so proud to have mastered the art of the monkey bars that i couldn't resist this picture. check out the pure joy on his face....i LOVE it!

and last but certainly not least:
last week when i was scurrying around to grab last-minute party supplies, the boys and i were at a craft store and i heard some snickering behind me. when i turned around, this is what i saw:

this will certainly work to my advantage one day, don't you think?

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