Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Burrito!

Happy Birthday Burrito!

5 years ago, at 8:26 a.m., you made us a mommy and daddy and you have taught us so much! Your spirit is infectious and your energy level is unmatched!
Some things about you at age 5:
You weigh about 34 are a skinny little thing but you are fast!
You love cars and have a bazillion you play with each day.
You notice details....details of cars, of friends, of's really amazing!
You do not care for many meats, especially chicken, but I am hoping this will change.
You love your friends Carter and Andrew at school.
You love your little brother though you sometimes forget to show it!
You know about 20 sight words and you are reading your little readers from school so well.
You know all of your letters and numbers and know many phonics as well.
You love to run and play tackle football and wrestle with Dad.
You have long blonde hair that I am constantly needing to trim.
You LOVE drinks....just like your dad....and could care less about food....only the drink!
You learned how to do the monkey bars and look like a monkey going across them.
You love school and though you only go 3 days, you would be just as happy to go all 5 days!
You do not know a stranger and you will talk to anyone about anything.
You learned to whistle a few months ago and we are working on how to tie shoes.
You love God and you love to read Bible stories, especially the one with Jacob yelling....ahhhhh!
Burrito, you are the best first son a mom could ask for and I am so proud to be your mom. Happy Birthday!

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