Sunday, September 19, 2010

john's birthday weekend

yesterday was john's birthday but we've been celebrating all weekend long!

my goal for this birthday celebration was to surprise john with his gift and a date night out with me.  surprising john with anything sounds a lot easier than what it is.  he is so good at sniffing surprises out and i must admit, i'm not a very good secret-keeper!

john has been wanting an iPhone forever so i decided this would be the perfect surprise gift for him.  i did a little research and had my game plan.  i secretly hijacked his cell phone thursday night because i knew once the iPhone was activated, his other phone would show no service and give the surprise away.  john misplaces his cell phone occasionally so i didn't think he would figure things out if it came up missing.  he did notice friday morning when leaving for work that he did not have it and i convinced him he must have left it in his car.

now i should back up here in the story to say that earlier in the week i contacted some super great friends at school via facebook to alert them of john's birthday and to ask them for their help in making his day special.  they came through in a big way and i am still kicking myself for not taking a picture of his classroom!  let's just say his students used their creative energies in decorating!  it was so sweet to see the smile on john's face after all that attention!

so when he got home from work on friday he immediately set out to find his missing phone.  he took my cell phone out to his car to call his cell phone and see if he could find it that way.  meanwhile i was in the house with the new iPhone all wrapped up and the gift began to ring!  i thought the guy at the apple store had turned the iPhone off but i was wrong and now it was ringing inside the house.  i knew john's next move would be to come in and call his missing phone in hopes of locating inside the house and i didn't think i had enough time to unwrap it, turn it off and wrap it back up before he came back in.

so my next move was to go outside to tell him that the boys were itching for him to come in and unwrap his presents and that we would worry about his missing phone later.  however, when i got outside to tell him this he had my phone on speaker and this message was playing: "the voicemail for this phone has not been set up yet."  he had this perplexed look on his face and i just knew he was about to put two and two together.  thanks to my quick (or maybe i should say deceptive!) thinking i suggested that someone must have stolen his phone and messed with the voice mail.  i acted all stressed out about him losing his phone and told him he just needed to come in and open his presents and we would worry about the phone later.  he totally bought it!

so he and the boys sat on the couch to open gifts and i could not wait to see the look on his face!  the boys gave him some caramel syrup that he likes to add to his coffee.  it's a little hard to find so we bought 3 bottles!  the card was about a cow and fertilizer and i'll let you figure out the rest...hence the smile on burrito's face!
then the big moment came.  i love these pictures of him opening the present.  he told me later that at first he thought it was the new iTouch and was really excited to see that it was the new iPhone 4!
and just when he thought the surprises were over, the boys told him that my mom was on the way over for a sleepover so that we could go out on a birthday date.  i seriously love my husband because he looked more excited about this than the new iPhone!

we enjoyed a delicious dinner at our favorite, Gloria's, and then went to a concert at church that was so fun and reminded us of our single/dating/newly married days.

we celebrated his birthday a day early because we had soccer games on saturday morning, but then met up with my family for dinner that night.  my sister and her husband moved into a new (to them) house with a pool so we swung by there first to see it for the first time.  the boys were just dying to go for a swim but i didn't think to bring swim trunks so i told them to just go skinny-dipping.  they were a little reticent at first but then totally stripped down and had a blast!  i couldn't resist taking pictures but i know they would not appreciate me sharing them here!

then we went to my parents' house for dinner.  they picked up some food from chuy's and i made john's favorite brownies for dessert.
it was a great time to celebrate him!  happy birthday john david!!!  we love you!!!

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