Monday, September 13, 2010

spontaneity and baseball

you will definitely make fun of me after reading this post.


if you know anything about me or john you would know that we are not very spontaneous.  we are planners and we don't particularly care for suprises.  we like to know what's coming not just hours, but days in advance.

we sound really old, don't we???

well, spontaneity came knocking on our door yesterday and i am proud to say, we welcomed him in!  we were offered 4 free tickets to the rangers vs. yankees game.  the boys had been begging us all summer long to go to a baseball game and for one reason or another, we never did.  i knew they would love to go.  the tickets were seats in the lexus club, front row, just behind home plate.  not too bad!  the catch:  we were offered the tickets around 1:00 in the afternoon and the game started at 2:05!  the other catch:  it was 5 thousand degrees and 100% humidity!

we said yes and we threw on some baseball attire and headed out.  it took about 5 minutes for me to sweat out half my body weight but when i looked over at these guys, it was all worth it!
if i really wanted you to make fun of me, i would have had the boys take a picture of me at the end of the game.  it pretty much looked like i had taken a shower with my clothes on.  not a good look!  here they are delirious from the heat!
john and i learned a couple of years ago when we took the boys to their first rangers game that they stay happy as long as you keep feeding them.  this still held to be true.  we went through 5 bottles of juice and water, 2 lemon chills and 2 bags of cheezits. 

we stayed for the whole game and witnessed the rangers' sweep of the yankess, woohoo!
we had a great time and it felt great to be making more sweet memories with my family.  it just felt like a perfect sunday afternoon kind of thing to do.
i won't mention the pathetic game we watched later last night of the team who plays in the stadium in the background of this picture. ha, ha!

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