Sunday, October 24, 2010

noodle's birthday weekend

we knew noodle's actual birthday would fall on a rather busy weekend.  because of this, we had a little birthday party for him earlier in the month with his favorite friends from church and his cousin.  noodle wanted a party at my favorite birthday place (read lots of sarcasm here):  chuck e. cheese's.  or as my boys call it, chuck e. cheezits!
we took advantage of a day off from school and had his birthday party on a friday morning.  it was perfect because it was not crowded, the kids were totally entertained, and everything felt laid back and easy going.  we also took advantage of some online coupons, and instead of buying the traditional party package, just purchased a couple of pizzas, some drinks, and loads of tokens!  it was way cheaper doing it that way and the kids had just as much fun!
noodle wanted a lego theme party so i concocted a little lego brick cake.  it was fairly easy and made for easy slicing, i just handed them a lego brick!
and of course, there were presents!
on friday, noodle celebrated his birthday with his classmates at school.  i forgot to take any actual pictures of them eating the cookies noodle picked out, but i did manage to snap a pic of the cookies themselves.
we also wanted to make noodle's actual birthday special, despite our crazy schedule on that day.  so to start things off, we had birthday muffins.
we had soccer games so we had planned on bringing birthday cupcakes and apple juice for the team's special snack, but inclement weather ruined that for us.  the whole debacle of soccer and football games is a whole other story that could be a post in and of itself!

however, we didn't let a little rain ruin our party so we headed down to mimi and poppy's house for a family celebration.  we opened presents.  lots of presents!
we had pizza for dinner, noodle's request.  and for birthday dessert, a cookie cake!
noodle, i simply cannot believe that you are already 5 years old!  it seems like it was just yesterday that i was watching the cowboys play football on a lazy sunday afternoon, when my water broke, and i knew you were on the way.  you were due on october 31, halloween, but i was so glad you decided to come early like your brother.  you were so cute and sweet, and we fell in love with you instantly! 
and now you are in pre-k, going to school three days a week and learning so much.  you love school, and you are already such a good reader!  you love sports, and i can see how serious you are when you play soccer.  you are a lover of the wii and the iphone, always wanting to play a game.  you are a game nazi, and you usually win whatever game we are playing, especially sorry.  i love your sweet snuggles, your absent-mindedness and your love for life.  i love how you love Jesus and you are so smart about memorizing scripture or the catechism.  i pray that God would continue to grow you up to fear and love Him with all your heart!
happy 5th birthday noodle, my little pumpkin!


Jason and Kyla said...

I love this post and all these smiley pictures! What a sweet little guy! I especially love the one with all the tickets and the "we've hit the jackpot" face. Priceless.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, we have had a party or two at Chuck E. Cheese! Lucky Momma :)

And I love the Broncos helmet - good choice! Happy Birthday, Noodle!