Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reformation Day 2010

each year, as an alternative to Halloween, our school celebrates Reformation Day and encourages the students to come to school dressed as an animal from God's creation or a Bible character.  we've enjoyed participating the past two can see those pics here and here.

this year is unique because noodle finally had his turn to "officially" participate.  in talking about our costume options, the boys concluded that it would be quite funny to go as abraham and titus from the Bible (and if you don't know us IRL, the boys' real names are abraham and titus, so now you get the joke, right?). 

fortunately, we had our brown jedi robes from burrito's star wars jedi party to use as our basic costume.  i fashioned some head coverings out of some leftover brown material from the making of those jedi robes (see, saving things pays off eventually!), we borrowed an old cane for a staff and we made a scroll and feather pencil for burrito as if he and paul had been corresponding by letter.

here they are before heading to school.
burrito's party was first, and they celebrated by eating a cross cookie and popcorn and then painting pumpkins.  their sweet "adopted senior" jacob came and read them a pumpkin story.  and of course we couldn't resist a class picture.
noodle's party was next and consisted of a variety of snacks, an art project and a game of animal charades.  his group picture was not so easy.  getting a group of 4-5 year olds to be still and smile all at the same time is nearly impossible!
no, this is not a budding romance, though noodle is one of two boys in a class with 8 girls!  noodle sits by this sweet girl, and they are good friends.  check out how much taller she is than him!  ha!
we have some fun halloween plans for this weekend too.  we just love this time of year!

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