Monday, April 12, 2010

a jedi party

the weather has been so beautiful lately, after an unusually cold and wet winter, that i haven't been inside to blog lately!  not to mention, this past week was a whirlwind of birthday celebrations, the last being a jedi party with burrito's friends from school. 

the party was held at skatetown, a local skating rink (the only one i know of around here!) which was a new adventure for me.  i've always done parties at home or at a park, but i took what i thought to be the easy road this time.  i've learned though, that there is no easy road when it comes to planning a birthday party, especially if you like to do a lot of extra stuff like i always inevitably end up doing!
so the birthday party at skatetown is such a deal.  reasonably priced for 10 kids that includes everything but the birthday cake!  sounds easy, right?  well, burrito wanted a star wars party, and when i got online to search around for some fun party ideas, i ran across this.  a pattern to make jedi robes!  i don't know about you, but i loathe party favors.  i hate buying, giving, and/or receiving them.  if i'm real sneaky, they usually get dumped in the trash about 5 seconds after getting home from a party.  they are usually just junky toys that break in about 1 minute anyways!  so last year i made batman shirts with attached capes for party favors.  they cost just over $5 to make and brought priceless joy to my boys and all the other boys we invited to the party.  so when i saw the jedi robe idea, i knew i had to make them!

now don't think i am some sewing goddess because i totally am not...i just happen to be the daughter of the sewing goddess!  ha!  i provided the vision, material and thread, and she did the sewing.  and i personally love them.  and the fact that the boys wore them while roller skating, makes me think they really liked them too!  they too, probably cost just over $5 to much better than the average party favor, don't you think???  i did purchase glow necklaces (think: light sabres), and those were a hit as well.

i killed myself once again making burrito's birthday cake (and was therefore frustrated that it was a little messed up after someone was not so gentle with it at skatetown....guess that's just my perfectionism coming out!).  it was not technically hard, just squeezing out all that icing made my hands hurt!  but nothing compares to the green chevy tahoe cake he requested for his 4th birthday so i guess i shouldn't complain!  burrito loves darth vader so we included him fighting luke skywalker on the cake, along with some glow in the dark stars.  i had to remind the boys that the stars were not edible! 

i'm a little surprised that darth vader didn't blow over after this!  he was intensely blowing out that candle!

and noodle surprised us with his tenacity for roller skating.  he is very athletic but not so coordinated so we didn't know what to expect but he did great, especially when using these little helpers! 
and i love how he always sticks his tongue out when concentrating!
it was a great party but we were all exhausted by the end of it.  thanks weston, grayson, nicolas, andrew, and ryan for coming to the party!  happy 6th birthday burrito!