Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Burrito!

i simply cannot believe that 6 years ago today i became a mommy.  my little burrito is growing up.  it makes me want to vomit and i'm not kidding when i say that.  it just goes by way too fast!

i can remember every detail about having him and that's saying a lot because my memory is terrible!  it was a monday and i worked all day long and on my way home (a 45 minute drive) i felt a little weird.  but really, when you're 9 months pregnant, you never feel normal!  i went home, ate dinner, went to bed around 10:30 and about 10 minutes after that, i sat straight up in bed because my water had just broken.  i was due on april 22 but it was april 5 so i was not mentally prepared but totally excited! 

we drove to the hospital, i got all hooked up and still no labor pains.  john parked himself on the couch and promptly fell asleep.  i began reading a book and within 30 minutes i was experiencing some serious contractions!  i received an epidural sometime after that and was told to "rest."  right.  like how do you rest when you are about to give birth to your first child and you've got the blood pressure cuff going off every 30 minutes???

i felt some pressure but was assured that was normal and the nurse did not come back until after shift change the next morning.  when they did check on me, you should've seen the nurse's face!  i think burrito must have waved at her or something because quick action ensued!  i probably could have delivered him hours earlier but no one came to check on me.  anyways, with a couple of pushes he flew out with a nice conehead and LOTS of hair!
oh the memories!  so the celebration started on saturday with our little family birthday party.  we had chocolate cupcakes and opened presents before easter egg hunting!

and as you can see in the following pictures, there tended to be a theme to the birthday presents.

legos and star wars are the hot thing right now.  and that first lego set alone took 4 hours for john and i to complete.  the legos of today are definitely NOT the legos i had as a kid....much more detailed and intricate!

burrito's teacher at school does a great job celebrating each child's birthday.  we had to make a poster to share with the class that included pictures of him growing up and a word of encouragement from us to him using the letters of his name.  we picked scripture verses to encourage him to hide God's Word in his heart and to love and follow God.  burrito gets to share a little something on the poster with his class each day.

doesn't he look cute at the front of his class?
and today for his actual birthday, noodle and i took a cookie cake to share with his friends at school.  this is an overhead shot so the white part at the bottom of the cake is the "6" candle (it looks a little funny in the pic!).
his class was so sweet to sing to him and celebrate and love him today.
and then to top off the big birthday, we let him pick where he wanted to eat for dinner.  where did we go?

IHOP! (and just in case you haven't heard, kids eat free here from 4-10p for the month of april!)
he ordered chocolate milk (of course!) and the create-a-face pancakes!

and when we got home, noodle gave burrito a star wars lunchbox and new water bottle for school.

happy birthday burrito!  we love you!

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Colored With Memories said...

happy b'day titus!!!

such great pics!