Monday, April 26, 2010

up to lately

spring has definitely sprung around here.  we are taking claritin by the heaping teaspoonfuls, we have rediscovered our backyard playground (and dirt), we can sit outside on the weekends and sip our morning coffee (can you say heaven?), and we spend just about the same amount of time outdoors as indoors (except when it's raining or the winds blow us down the block!).

we LOVE this time of year.  and the funny thing is, we are less scheduled, but i feel like we have been more busy.  doing what i'm not sure.  maybe creating this adorable little caterpillar for burrito's class.  isn't he the cutest?  burrito had to come up with things around the house to create whatever insect he wanted.  i helped a bit, but for the most part, he did it himself.

we've been spring cleaning and getting the major "work on the house" bug.  it's been far too long since i've painted something!  we've updated the bathtub fixtures in the boys' bathroom, we added a "rain" showerhead in our humongous shower, we cleaned out flowerbeds and put in fresh mulch, we're sprucing up the yard and about to lay some more st. augustine sod....

oh yeah, and we almost bought a different house.

yep.  sounds a little crazy, i know.

truth be told, i have a little addiction.  i like to look at houses for sale online.  all. the. time.

so when i saw this cute and retro mid century house just blocks from our church in fort worth, we knew we just had to go and take a look.  we called up the listing agent, and she showed us the house on a sunday evening.  it had rained most of that day so we were only able to check out the inside, but we liked it.  it needed some work and was a little cozy but had great potential.  a few days later we went back with my parents and my dad, the unofficial house inspector, quickly pointed out some problems.  without going into all the details, because the seller was not willing to help with any repairs nor help with closing costs, we decided that it just wasn't the right move for us.

so after about a week of angst, we felt good deciding not to pursue it.  it was cute though.

looking at houses makes me wish that i could be a real estate agent.  except i don't want to work weekends.  but i seriously love looking at houses.

so that's what we've been up to lately.  i seem to have really fallen off the blogging bandwagon.  i haven't blogged nor have i kept up with blogs lately.  maybe if i stop looking at houses, i'll blog more!  ha!


Jason and Kyla said...

You guys are a never ending surprise! Oh to be spontaneous like y'all!!

Colored With Memories said...

i so share your house looking realtor bug!!! maybe if we partnered we could just work two weekends a month! ;)

but if you buy a MCM, you have to buy one near US silly!