Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mother's day tea with noodle

i had the privilege of attending a mother's day tea hosted by my very own noodle a few days before mother's day this year.  his class worked very hard to make this very special for us moms.  they even escorted us into the room and led us to our seats.
they had prepared special treats for us.  first was this sweet little flower arrangement.  the label says "mom, you're 'out of the box' beautiful!"
he also made me this placemat.  it reads, "i see flowers blooming bright in the sun.  how will i choose just the right one? mother's day is coming and it must be right.  to say i love you with flowers so bright."  and the flower is his handprint.  so cute!
all the children prepared each of us a plate of snacks first and then they also joined in eating the goodies.
they closed our special tea with a performance of singing.  it was so cute and fun.  i just love my little noodle!

and just for fun, here is the link to my mother's day tea with burrito when he was in pre-k.

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