Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

I love being a mom. Though it is a job that never ends and the pay is certainly not adequate, I would choose no other job in the world. And if you are a mom, I bet you would agree. There is nothing quite like the snuggling and affection from your very own child. I love my boys and it is always nice to be appreciated, and I felt that today at Burrito's Mother's Day Tea at his school.
The tea began with all of the students coming out in the hall to greet the moms and seat them at their little tables. Burrito had made this sweet little placemat and flower for me and we were asked to bring our favorite tea cup. I drink hot tea and coffee out of the same cups and this little green one is one of my favorites for both.
We were also given a little journal with our child's picture in it as a gift. So sweet!
Burrito served me some snacks and then sang a few songs before it was time to leave. Each student also read a sentence of what they like to do with their moms. Burrito said he would like to go to the beach with me. Sounds good to me, ha!
None of the pictures I took turned out very well. Taking a picture of eleven 5 year olds is tough! :)
This is a group picture of the class
And this is a picture of Burrito's teacher, and his best little friend C, who we love!
Thanks Burrito for making me feel like a special mom today!

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