Thursday, May 7, 2009

this and that

Spring has definitely sprung around here and with temps rising into the 90's today with about 100% humidity, I would dare say summer is just around the corner. My favorite right now is taking pictures of the boys with flowers and populating my flower pot collection on our front porch. I am not a big fan of flowers in flowerbeds, just because you have to replace them each year and that just seems pointless and costly. So my solution? Plant them in pots! You get the same pop of color, just in smaller doses for a lot less! Don't you just love these?!?!?
This picture of the boys is at our local zoo. I wish all those flowers were at our house!
Spring also gives us quite an itch to improve our yard. We had some decent landscaping to work with from the previous owners but we've added and deleted or improved a few things. John and I finally agreed on a flowerbed stone and I think it turned out great!
And this is our friend E. I think the boys are pretty taken with her, what do you think? And this baby girl has thighs to die for! There is nothing like sweet squishy baby thighs. Almost makes me want to have another baby.....almost!

We are T minus 6 days from John being finished with grad school! Can you hear the shouts of joy coming from our house? The Lord has been so good to us during this time, providing an employer to foot the bill for this education, sustaining me as I parented alone at times, and giving strength and endurance to John as he balanced work, school and family. We are formulating a plan to celebrate....a couples only trip, a family vacation trip, a fun party....which one will we choose?


Jacquelyn said...

I'm excited for you (and John). I think you should go away together and ask your Mom to take the boys for a night or two. Plus, you should drink a few margaritas.

Jennifer Rutherford said...

I couldn't agree more Jacquelyn! We were thinking a couples weekend not too far away and then having the boys join us for a couple of days too. And I'm sure margaritas will be the drink of choice! Miss you friend!