Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nonna takes on the boys....

In a mean game of basketball.

Okay, well not mean, but some serious hoop-making was made.

We loved having Nonna spend time at our house and I was just amazed at how well she kept up with these boys of mine. I just totally love that she was more than willing to shoot some hoops with her great-grandsons. Even in the cooler, cloudy weather.

And here they are shopping at our local hardware store. I love hardware stores....way more than malls. I love to change things, fix things, create!

And my most favorite moments as of late: perfecting our golf swing with dad! We so appreciated the nice young man who let our boys try out this "adult" experience. John is an excellent golfer and I can't wait for the day when all 3 of them head to the golf course to play.

I think miniature golf is in our summer future!
Thanks Nonna for a great weekend. I've always admired and appreciated your love for John and now I get to see that same love extended to my 2 boys! We love you!


Colored With Memories said...

what special memories these are.

have y'all tried lunar putt-putt yet? we haven't, but walked a local course and it looks really fun!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

We've not tried lunar golf but I have seen that before...thanks for reminding me of that option, it might be really fun!