Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Graduation and here comes summer.

It seems I have two graduates on my hands.

The first is 34 years old. The second is 5 years old. Both graduates and both alike in so many other ways!

Burrito officially graduated Pre-Kindergarten on Friday. He received his official diploma and was so excited....as evidenced by the look on his face! He has become increasingly goofy when he knows his picture is being taken.
And so with graduation and the end of school comes summer break. We actually started our "official" summer on May 8 with our first swimming experience of the year. I was too lazy to haul out and blow up our little swimming pool so I improvised with this:
And I think they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

And the best part about it....with the added bubbles, this swimming experience also doubled as a bath!

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