Sunday, October 23, 2011

happy 6th birthday noodle!

 happy 6th birthday to my super sweet noodle!

i simply cannot believe that you are already 6.  i definitely don't have a baby or little boy anymore!  you are such a sweet blessing to our family.  the Lord knew we needed a laid-back, easy-going personality in our house of first-born type a personalities!

you are my little pumpkin because you were due on october 31, but you chose to come a little early, which was fine with me!  we love your little innocent personality, your inquisitive nature, your love for all things electronic, and your love for all sports. 

you are enjoying being in kindergarten and you work with such intense focus and determination.  you beg to read to me, you love coloring, and you can sit and work on a puzzle or lego set for hours.  you memorize God's Word with ease, you come home from school singing praise songs that you have learned and you love being on your older brother's soccer team with kids that are 2 years older than you.

we have partied all weekend long and when things settle down a bit, i'll post pictures from the multiple celebrations we've enjoyed having with you.  we love you so much and are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents.

we love you noodle!

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