Thursday, November 3, 2011

noodle's 6th birthday

as it seems to be standard practice now, we had a several-day celebration of noodle's birthday this year.  on friday, we celebrated with friends at school.  noodle sat at the front of the classroom while his friends sang "happy birthday" to him.  it was very sweet.  he then helped me pass out juice boxes and m&m cookies that he picked out from the store.

it also happened to be "texas rangers spirit day" so that it why all the kids have on rangers shirts instead of uniforms.  a fun day all around!

then the party continued the next morning at the soccer game.  after the game we shared gatorade and more cookies and the team all sang happy birthday to noodle.
i love his little smile here!
then the real party moved to skatetown that afternoon where the boys from noodle's class plus a couple of our dear friends from church joined us to skate it up.  even john and i strapped some skates on and relived our glory days from middle school!
this is a little game they have the kids play...balancing the ice cream on your head.
noodle doesn't like cake (or ice cream) so we went with the big cookie for the cake!
noodle's actual birthday was on sunday so we celebrated the real thing with a family party at our house.  this is one spoiled little guy!  his ultimate present was the nintendo dsi and a multitude of new games for it.
happy 6th birthday noodle!  we love you so much and thank God for you each day!

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