Friday, January 13, 2012

a burrito-ism

burrito has been saying some really funny things lately and i've neglected to jot them down here before they escape my feeble mind.

so here are two!

friday night was homecoming at our school and we celebrate at a basketball game.  john was asked to lead the prayer before one of the games so he had walked over to get the microphone.  when burrito saw what he was doing he turned to me and asked, "is dad going to sing the national anthem?"  it was so funny to us, especially if you know that john would never volunteer to sing anything!

on sunday afternoon, the boys and i watched beauty and the beast.  i had recorded it on the dvr and thought it would be fun to watch together.  the boys really enjoyed it, and at the end of the movie burrito asked, "can you live in a castle and still worship God?"  puzzled at why he would ask this question i replied, "yes, you can live in a castle and still worship God.  why?"  to which he responded, "i think i would like to live in a castle but He would still be THE king (pointing to heaven as he says this very seriously).  i wouldn't even wear a crown.  but i would like to live in a castle."

it was so super sweet to me to hear him say this so sincerely.  it redeemed an otherwise hard and difficult week.  i love it when Jesus does that!

thank you Jesus for my burrito and his sensitive heart!

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