Tuesday, January 10, 2012

christmas 2011 digest

christmas 2011 was wonderful.  it was just what we like for the holidays.  not too busy but fully engaged in celebrating the greatest gift we've ever received, Jesus.

christmas eve we celebrated with john's family via skype.  technology is simply amazing!  we set up the laptop so that they could watch the boys open their presents from them live!  it went smoothly and the boys were thankful for their gifts. 
talking on skype

noodle with a new school jacket

checking out a lego book
 we also baked and snacked on a birthday cake for Jesus.  we've never done this before and this was yet another attempt to remind burrito and noodle to not only think about the presents they were opening, but to also think about the gift of Jesus.  we had fun baking red and green layers for the cake, singing happy birthday to Jesus and then enjoying the afternoon snack.
mixing up the red and green cake batter
the finished product
singing and blowing out the candle
the inside view
 we headed out to the church john attended before we were married for their christmas eve service.  it is a large church and i wanted the boys (really all of us) to hear christmas carols on the pipe organ.  we set in the balcony because it was quite crowded and because burrito thought this was the most awesome thing ever!  we ended the evening by driving around an affluent neighborhood in dallas looking at christmas lights.

then came christmas morning!  we arose early and john read the christmas story from luke 2 and we hung the final ornament on our advent tree.  then we let the boys open their presents from us.  they each received a new pair of running shoes, a remote control car, and a lego set.  they were thrilled!
love this picture of my man
our advent trees
the long-awaited new zig shoes!
crazy remote control cars
burrito with his lego set
noodle with his lego set
 then we loaded up the car and headed down to mimi and poppy's house.  we opened presents with them, ate some breakfast, welcomed more family later that morning and then ate mexican food for lunch.  the boys enjoyed playing with their cousin porkchop, my cousins and each other.  it was a great relaxing day of food, family and fun.
the cousins!  love these 3 boys!!!

burrito with boxers on his head!
porkchop sporting the new baylor hat

as always, it seems to go by so quickly but we really enjoyed spending time together this year celebrating the birth of our Savior! 

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