Monday, May 28, 2012

Better late than never! Burrito's 8th birthday continued...

so this year for burrito's birthday we did something a little different.  rather than have a friend party, we opted to have a family fun day.  we let burrito decide what to eat and what to do for the entire day.

breakfast was donuts, of course!  after opening presents on skype with our family in missouri, we headed to rain forest cafe for lunch.  it's a really fun place decorated like a rainforest, complete with animals that move and make noise every 15 minutes.

burrito was horrified when our waiter and waitress announced to the restaurant that it was his birthday.  he refused to stand in the chair but they sang happy birthday to him anyways.  we finished the lunch with the lava mud dessert, complete with gummy worms!

after a trip to the lego store, we headed to chuck e. cheese for an afternoon of games and fun.  we bought 150 tokens and spent a couple of hours playing games.

then we headed to our friends' house in dallas for some more birthday fun.  we ate pizza and cake outside and let our two boys and their three girls play in the backyard.  it was so sweet to share burrito's birthday with such good friends!
i had the wrong setting on my camera here so this picture isn't that great...besides, trying to take a pic of 4 kids is nearly impossible!
we had such a great time and burrito is already planning next year's birthday family fun day!

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