Wednesday, May 30, 2012

school memories from this year

here are a bunch of fun shots from various school activities this year.  i can't believe i will have a 1st grader and 3rd grader next year!
reformation day.  noodle's class could dress like an animal from God's creation.  he was a parrot!
burrito dressed as a roman soldier.  his class could choose a bible character.
burrito on egyptian feast day
me and burrito at his thanksgiving party
noodle as an indian chief
noodle singing with his class at his christmas party
noodle decorating a christmas cookie
burrito being silly at his christmas party
western day plus the school jackets because it was cold outside :)
noodle's valentine's day party
burrito's 2nd grade program "through the old testament."  he was nathan.

noodle's trip to sea life aquarium...the view through the tank!

noodle and some of his kindergarten buddies
i would say we had a most successful and fun year!

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