Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Shout Out to Julie

If you read my post about how I met and fell in love with John, you will remember our friend Julie. Well Julie, this post's for you. No one but you will appreciate this picture:

We were visiting friends Saturday evening and we were just a few blocks from this place, so being the spontaneous girl that I am (yeah right!), I suggested to John we stop by for old time's sake. You see, Julie, John and I met up here once and if I remember correctly, went over to John's apartment afterwards. This was way pre-love affair with John but I love going back to this area where John once lived and hearing of all the places he frequented. I have always compartmentalized John in a sense: there's the John Rutherford that was Julie's friend from home and there's the John with whom I am married. So this John Rutherford from before is always so mysterious and intriguing to me. He gets a kick out of it too!

And Julie this is a double ode to you because this was a total spontaneous act. You know, spontaneity is not exactly my middle name and for you, well it's a lifestyle! Which is something I totally love about you....so don't be so discouraged that you don't always have it all together. We went to this place at 9:00 pm, which in my time is early, but in kid time, not so much. But it was so fun! John and I had coffee and the boys ate pancakes. We were out late, but it was time change weekend, so it really was an hour earlier, right??? In fact, we had so much fun that we determined to make it a family tradition. I love these full circle experiences!

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Julia Frederick said...

I can hardly believe this blog. I totally feel famous and encouraged. Your boy are too cute holding up the menu. I wish I could have been there to share in the nostalgic experience. I miss those days so much. I feel like such a grown up lately and this makes me miss my youth in all its spontaneous beauty. Little hard with three kids. I love the idea of you guys making this your family tradition. You should totally do it!! You know Jennifer (my sis) got engaged at Cafe Brazil :)