Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Reading Day 10 & The End of Gymnastics and Soccer

Scripture Reading: Exodus 19:16-20 - 20:20 -- The Giving of the Law
Symbol: The stone tablets that we associate with the Ten Commandments

This week marked the close of our gymnastics and soccer classes. We take the classes at our local recreation center and it has been great! The boys have learned some new things and it is not that expensive.

Noodle finished his "nastics" class on Monday with Mrs. Carolyn. All of the parents were invited in to watch what they had learned over the past 10 weeks. They started off with these cute stretches and then practiced somersaults and cartwheels on the gym mats. Then they moved to the beam where they walked forward, backwards, sideways, crawled like a cat and hopped like a bunny. I was quite impressed. To finish off the performance, they hung from the bar and did their legs like scissors and pulled their feet up to the bar. Only a few kids were able to do the latter and Noodle was one of them! I was very proud!

Burrito finished his soccer class last night. It was a great skills class where they learned to dribble the ball, run, stop and kick, dribble around the cones and dribble down to the goal and kick the ball. T said every week that "soccer was boring" but I didn't see him looking bored last night.

Both classes gave me good ideas of what to work with them on at home. And now with our new swingset, we can really do a lot on the trapeze bar. And we have a soccer goal and ball in the backyard too. It will be nice to take a break over the Christmas holidays and then start back after the first of the year.
Way to go boys! You made your mommy really proud!

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