Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Reading Day 5 & Santa Visited Our Backyard

Scripture reading: Genesis 22:1-19 -- Abraham and Isaac and the Sacrifice
Symbol: The ram, which God provided for Abraham to sacrifice instead of his son

Santa seems to have visited our backyard and left this:

I think it is SO big that there would not be any room for it on his sleigh on Christmas Eve, therefore the early delivery. Thanks goes out to Santa's Elves, Nina, Pappaw on Nonna for this one!
The boys totally LOVE it and it is very sweet to see their little imaginations run wild. You might even catch me out there on it too!

Here's a picture of us at my parent's house in front of their Christmas tree.  My parents bought my grandparent's house this year after my Grandma passed away so it is quite sentimental to me this time of year.

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