Monday, March 30, 2009

i can see God!

the boys and i spent saturday afternoon and evening at my parent's house. i always like going down there because it's out in the country, quiet, and like i told my mom, i feel like i am "off duty" when i am down there. it's nice to have 2 extra sets of eyes watching my 2 hooligans! my parents now live in my deceased grandparent's home which my grandparents bought back in 1975. it is the only house they lived in during my entire life and i have such fond memories (remember, i am a sentimentalist!). it is super sweet to me to see my 2 boys playing outside there, just like i did as a child.

okay, back to the present.

so we went down there for my mom to help sew on capes to the back of the batman shirts i've made for burrito's birthday party. well, to be honest, she didn't help me, she did them for me! we were there till dark and as we left, with the boys chattering in the backseat, i was reminded of a time many years before being married, of a conversation i had with the Lord.

i was driving home from church in my montero feeling the weight of loneliness upon my shoulders. i was of marrying-age but no prospects in sight and i longed for companionship. i remember talking to the Lord about it as i drove and thinking, "Lord, i may never marry but could you please just give me a baby." now please understand, i was not wanting to do anything outside of God's word, i was just thinking if the Lord could just leave me a baby on the doorstep, i would be happy. to have companionship, someone to talk to as i drove home that night.

now fast forward to saturday night. driving home in my pilot, with 2 loud and boisterous boys in the backseat, a smile spread across my face. the Lord is so good. He did not stop with just one child, but two and a great husband! He is so faithful. it did not happen when i thought it should or when i wanted it to, but the Lord did satisfy my desires.

and so when i heard this conversation, it made me smile even more:

noodle: mommy look, i have my sunglasses on! (remember, it is dark outside!)

me: oh, noodle, that is funny. i bet everything looks funny with those glasses on!

noodle: burrito, put your glasses on! (burrito complies) look, i can even see the trees!

me: really? i bet everything is super dark with those glasses on!

noodle: i can see the trees. i can even see God!


and here are some random pictures of my two crazy boys lately:

burrito thought it would be really funny to spray the rest of the pretend shaving cream our friend chrystal gave them for Christmas into the bath water. and it was funny. and it turned the water a nice minty green. and noodle's reaction...he was scared to death of the floating shaving cream and screamed and cried until it all dissolved. oh dear.

the boys and i ate at one of my fave fast food places, long john silver's. or as noodle calls it, "john john silver's." do you remember these pirate hats? i used to get them as a kid and of course, the cool factor of this place goes way up with my boys because of these hats!

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