Wednesday, March 25, 2009

humbleness and baseball

when i pick burrito up from school i always like to ask him about his day. his typical response is "we played outside all day long." typical details. not to mention, totally not true! well, today when i asked him this question he excitedly told me about the fun he had at recess today:

burrito: mom, today at recess christian's dad was there and he played basketball with us.

me: hmmm, basketball....did you have recess in the gym?

burrito: no, we played outside.

me: i don't remember seeing a basketball goal outside. did christian's dad bring a basketball goal?

burrito: no. he held out his arms like this (he demonstrated in the backseat) and we tried to throw the ball through his arms.

me: oh, that sounds like so much fun. do you remember that christian's dad is a baseball player?

burrito: yes, i remember that. he came to my class and gave me his baseball card.

me: that's right, burrito. we'll have to watch him play baseball this summer on t.v.

burrito: t.v.!!!!! he's on t.v!!!! why is he on t.v?????

it cracked me up that burrito was more excited and impressed that christian's dad is on t.v. more than the fact that he is a major league baseball player.

and this is what i love about our school and the people there. christian's dad, who shall remain nameless, is in fact a major league baseball player. in fact, he made $3.6 million dollars last season, so i would say he must be a pretty good major league baseball player (and he is, having won several golden gloves). and this same guy is out on the playground doing recess duty and playing basketball with the kids. i just love that humbleness. i think he is out with an injured hamstring and maybe that explains his presence on the playground instead of the playing field today, but isn't that great? i have thought about this since burrito told me the story and i just appreciate it more and more.

and then i think about Christ and how the King of the Universe humbly washed His disciples feet. feet that were dirty and likely smelly and He washed them as a servant. He could have acted like the very important person that He was, but instead chose to hang out with his friends and wash their feet.

Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.

Lord make me humble, make me wise.