Monday, March 9, 2009

My most favorite person...

Who is this cute couple?!?!?

And the better question is, why are we so dressed up?

This is definitely not a normal occurence for us. In fact, we even had to google "cocktail attire" so that we would know what that means exactly before attending this event. And just so you know, it means a suit with tie for men and the equivalent of the "little black dress" for the ladies.

Where did we go all dressed up, you ask?

To the annual fundraising auction held by John's school. The monies raised at this event help support the operating budget of the school and a portion also goes to a local charity.

This event takes so much organizing and planning, I can't even imagine the hours that go into making something like this happen and run smoothly. You might remember my earlier post about the auction class basket I helped put together for Burrito's class.

Well, the boy trunk went for over $400 and the girl trunk went for over $300 the last check I made before bidding ended. Crazy!

And John and I even won a few silent auction items too! Burrito's teacher offered an afternoon of baking cookies and playing games at her house for 1-2 kids so we went in with his best friend's mom and split the bid and won! Burrito and his little friend were so excited! And John and I were excited to bid and win some really practical things too....a weekend rental of a power washer, a wheel alignment and brake inspection for the cars. All of these things were purchases that we were going to have to make anyway, and now it helps the school....hooray!

Dinner was fantastic and did not come cheap. Though John and I have made a new resolution this year in that we are doing things to invest in our marriage, and if that means spending a little money on something that we wouldn't normally feel comfortable doing, then it's a good investment, right???

The live auction was the most entertaining. I think the two highest netting items were a puppy and scrapbooking services. Who would have guessed, especially when there were things like trips to Hawaii, Australia, baseball once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Dallas Cowboys tickets, etc.

It felt good to go out on a fancy date with my husband. This doesn't happen very often on our teacher/stay at home mom income, but it was a good investment.


Colored With Memories said...

y'all look fab! sounds like a fun way to spend some evening time w/the hubby!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

It was a great time, thanks Kerry!