Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our most favorite place....

We love the zoo!

I grew up going there, though my mom swears that I did not like it then. I don't believe her. Maybe it was the macaws. She says every time we got near them, I would start screaming.

My fear today is the harpy eagle. That thing is just sick, and of course Burrito and Noodle just love that I don't love it. So we always have to go see him. Today they told me that they would hold my hand so I wouldn't be scared. Thoughtful, but how about, let's just skip that part Mom...we don't really want to see that freakish bird.

But I love everything else about the zoo. Really. Just going to that place makes me happy. We are blessed enough to have zoo passes. Zoo passes are such a great deal. They pay for themselves in like 2 visits. For a poor momma like me, it does my soul good to flash that pass and not have to pay for parking on the way in, like we are VIPs or something!

And I am super happy that my boys seem to love it as much as I do. Since it is 85 degrees here today on February 26, it was perfect weather!

We packed a lunch and headed out. I love meeting other moms there too but there's just something special about those times when it's just me and my boys going at our own pace and seeing the things that we want to see. Noodle is such an animal lover that the zoo is like a little piece of heaven for him. And Burrito loves the freedom of running and climbing and being outside.

Some notable things about today:

The meerkats were so agreeable and would come right up to the window and stare at you.

While eating lunch at our customary lunch spot, the bench in front of the lions, the male lion starting growling and making lots of noise. Of course, the boys just loved that!

The snakes were especially active today and the boys had fun pointing them out in their cages.

There were lots of newly planted flowers throughout the zoo and the boys were so sweet to accomodate my need to take lots of pictures.

The train was closed today I think because they were doing a lot of work on the new snake area and the train tracks go right by there. So instead of riding the train, we rode the carousel. I explained to the boys how this was an act of true love on my part, seeing as how I can get sick just watching that thing from afar.

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Colored With Memories said...

i love the one of A crinkling up his nose!

if you EVER need (or want...i know going alone is fun too) a zoo partner...PLEASE call have my number now!