Monday, February 9, 2009

Funny Words

We had so much fun the other night at the donkey basketball game I totally forgot to include the post-game funnies that happened on the way home.

Being the donkey basketball superstar that John was came at a price....a stinky, sweaty price. He was completely exhausted after all that donkey-wrangling and just slightly hot and sweaty. We were driving home with the windows down and I was giving John a hard time about being stinky. He really wasn't, but I was giving him a hard time, nonetheless.

Well, if you have boys or ever been around boys, there's just something inherently funny about stinkyness. The boys started laughing hysterically and Noodle, who was deliriously tired by this point, started yelling,

"Daddy smells like a stinky donkey!"

Despite the already riotous laughter, it didn't take long to digress to,

"Daddy smells like donkey toots! Daddy smells like donkey toots!"

Well, now everyone is laughing hysterically but perhaps the funniest thing Noodle said, after seeing our reaction to his previous declarations, was,

"I said some funny words!"

Yes you did, Noodle!

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