Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stubborn as a Donkey

And no, I am not speaking of my children.

But rather, my husband.

But it's not what you think.....

It's Donkey Basketball and my hubby was the superstar!

I have never seen anything quite like it. The school, over the course of the week, went donkey crazy! It worked like this....there were 4 teams: the administrators, the upper school teachers, the lower school teachers and the coaches. The biggest rivalry was between the upper school teachers and the coaches. Both groups were bribing students to cheer them on, the coaches even selling t-shirts to the students in their team color.

Doors opened at 6:30p but people were lining up at 6:00 to get in. We were one of those people since John had to be there early for instructions on how not to get hurt riding one of these fine creatures.

His team, the "DonQuixotes," wore orange shirts and we were proud to see a nice representation of orange-wearing fans there.....other than us, of course.

The first 2 teams were the lower school teachers and the administrators. It was an exciting 10 minutes but the administrators won that match.

Next up were the coaches and the upper school teachers. It was a close game too, but the upper school teachers edged out the coaches, 8 - 6. And I am proud to say 6 of 8 of those points were scored by my superstar hubby!

Now I've always known my husband is competitive. And he played basketball in high school so he's got skills. But I was still surprised to see how scrappy he is! He was pulling that donkey up and down the court, stealing the ball, jumping on the donkey while holding onto the ball and shooting one-handed to make the game-winning basket.

I felt like I was seeing a side of my husband that I've never seen know....discovering new things about your spouse even though you've been married 6 years. And I was so proud! And so were the boys! They were yelling and screaming for their dad almost as loud as I was.

So then came half time and the kids were able to ride the donkey down the court. Burrito was a little nervous about it at first until he saw that his dad was walking alongside the donkeys for the safety of the riders. Noodle was thrilled to get that close to a donkey....he's the animal lover!

Then 2 more games to determine places....the results were:
4th place Lower school teachers
3rd place Coaches
2nd place Upper school teachers
1st place Administrators
It was so cute to see how disappointed the boys were to know that dad did not get 1st place but it was a good lesson to see that you can't always win but it's okay and you can still have fun.

And we had fun! Lots of fun!


Michael Breed said...

I hope someone caught that on video and posted it to YouTube!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up there....but it was so funny, I think people were to busy laughing to video! :)