Monday, June 21, 2010

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call me a bad wife or a bad blogger but i just didn't get around to posting a "happy father's day" post on the blog like every other blogger in the world yesterday.  BUT we are so thankful for the dads in our lives.  and we are especially thankful around here for john david.  he truly is an exceptional father, and i don't say that flippantly.  he really is.  every day i am continually amazed at his grace and patience with me and the boys.  and we all know it comes from the Lord because who can keep that up without the help of the Holy Spirit!  john david we are so thankful that you love your Heavenly Father and soak up His Word to lead and guide you as the head of our family.  we LOVE you!
because he's so awesome, this is what we got john for father's day...
ha, ha!  not really!  we got him a gift card to half price books, john's favorite destination for hunting down book treasures.

and talk about a great dad!  how many dads would lay in the floor and let their kids put all of these cars on them!  be sure to look real close, they are even going down his feet!
last week was the week of home projects.  the internet is so great to help teach you how to diy so many things!  we educated ourselves on the how to's of re-roofing our covered patio.  so off went the old roof and on went the new.  if only it was that easy!  actually it really wasn't that hard, just HOT!
after accomplishing that feat we decided to not stop there and give the patio cover a new coat of exterior paint.  we have lived here almost 3 years and we're not sure how long ago it had been painted, but it sure needed it.  it's amazing what a coat of paint can do!  we loved it so much that i think we may tackle the exterior painting of the rest of our house next week.  and just because you don't see me in these pictures, doesn't mean i didn't help!
next week.  we need a fun break this week!  i am ready to hunt down some more mid century treasures like this one i found a few weeks ago:
isn't she lovely?

so what do we have planned for this week?  we're hosting another senior movie night, we're having a garage sale at my mom's house, we're going to concerts in the garden to hear star wars (and other movie tunes) performed by the symphony, and we have john's cousin's wedding to attend. time for home projects this week!

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Colored With Memories said...

are you sure john isn't taking a nap while the boys line up cards on him?!?

sounds like a massage and a nap all in one!