Sunday, June 6, 2010

the week in review

this was our first official week of summer with john home all week long and boy were we busy!

here's our little week in review:

monday and tuesday were work days filled with grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning the house.  the boys and i did some rutherford summer school and they seem to be adjusting to that quite well.  tuesday night we hosted senior movie night at our house.  a few of john's graduated seniors came over and we watched a ridiculous movie but had a lot of fun.
wednesday we decided to head north to one of our favorite bookstores.  we packed a picnic lunch and ate next to the courthouse in the town square.  we hit some antique malls and found a few treasures (i'll blog about those soon) and the boys bought some hot wheels cars.  they loved playing with them on the sidewalks outside the courthouse.  we stopped at braum's on our way home for an afternoon snack of ice cream.  it was a perfect summer kind of day!

thursday we hung out at home, did school and made a brain.

that's right, i said a brain.  thursdays are our science experiment day, and this week the boys and i made a life size brain from a kit i picked up at a garage sale for $2!  it was a little bit of a process (boiling and mixing and cooling) and it had to gel in the refrigerator overnight, but the boys were pretty patient and loved it!
we talked about the parts of the brain while they touched the squishy thing and then they were able to paint it.  it was quite the hit and hopefully they'll remember some of what i said about the brain!

notice they are in their swim trunks while painting the thing.  i've learned from experience to have them wear as little clothes as possible when painting!  and the fact that we forgot about the poor brain, left it out in the sun, and ended up with a melted brain made it all the more cooler!

friday had us frequenting another one of our favorite resale shops where we picked up a couple of really great educational games that teach math and phonics.  i was so excited, and i love that the boys can practice what they've learned disguised as a game!

and of course with the 100 degree weather we've been having, there has been lots of swimming and water balloon fights.  i'm not sure who likes those more, john or the boys!

water balloon fights rutherford style are quite comical to watch.  they boys want to get hit with the water balloons and really have no interest in throwing them at john or at each other.  they just want john to throw the balloons at them.  it is the most pathetic "fight" you've ever seen!

so that's been our week.  i feel like we've all adjusted to this new schedule, and everyone seems to be enjoying the break!

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