Monday, June 28, 2010

the best mid century treasure(s) ever

i love to troll craigslist for treasures.  many of you know my affection for mid century furniture, and that is my most favorite thing to look for on CL.  sometimes i just enjoy looking and educating myself on popular designers of that time and other times, i am hoping to find that "just right" treasure for our home.

well, last night we hit the jackpot.  we've been looking for a pair of mid century chairs for our living room.  a pair of matching chairs is extremely rare.  and when you do see some (maybe once every 3 months or so), they are astronomically priced.  way out of our budget!  and while i love original upholstery, it is quite a challenge to find a chair in overall good condition that doesn't require an immediate upholstery job.

so you can imagine my surprise when i found two matching, beautiful mid century chairs that have already been reupholstered quite tastefully.  and for a very reasonable price!  score!  good thing we had a garage sale, and i was called for a handwriting job today, ha!

the chairs have been recovered in a white micro suede material.  white is not my ideal color of furniture with two young boys, but i'm hoping that the claims of easy cleaning that are touted with this material turn out to be true.

john has been making fun of me ever since carrying them into the house right now.  i just love them and love to stare at them.  they are beautiful.  why don't they make furniture like this anymore?  i was meant to live in the fifties!


Emily said...

I bet yours house is beautiful inside. You are such a good decorator.

Louanne said...

very nice