Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of july and other adventures

here's another rundown of what we've been up to lately.  i've been so busy either completing my handwriting job or tending to my never-ending nausea that i have found myself way behind in documenting the rutherford summer adventures.

this past week brought lots of rain and cooler weather which was such a nice break from the scorching texas summer heat.  we took full advantage of it and went for long walks a couple of mornings.  the boys loved it and so did we!  we also found ourselves venturing to some of our favorite spots.

first up was a little shopping at this place.
well actually we were returning some previous purchases that didn't quite work out but still managed to grab a cinnamon roll snack while we there.
next was john's favorite place:
this is half-price books' main store, and we can literally spend hours here.  we all found some book treasures and worked up quite an appetite so we headed here:
we love the food at cafe brazil, and the boys love any excuse to eat pancakes! 

burrito even tried a little bite of jalapeno!  (not really, but he wanted me to take a picture as if he did!)
we hit a couple of other favorite stores throughout the week and found a few other treasures.

the rain cleared out just in time for our 4th of july celebrations.  the boys loved their "one nation under God" shirts from nonna (thanks nonna!).
the boys weren't quite as interested in sparklers this year thanks to our misadventures last year.  we still managed to have fun watching john work his fireworks magic and watching all the neighbors around us set off their fireworks too. 
it never ceases to amaze us at the amount of people doing fireworks out in the country where they live.  there is not a second of silence for hours out there.  it's just crazy!
and tonight we were finally able to head out to our friends' house for some dinner and fellowship.  we love them and their little girl (and a little girl on the way) to pieces.  it was so fun to watch our kids play together.
so that's a bit of our adventures lately.  i also had my doctor's appointment last week for a checkup post surgery and to try and figure out what may be causing all my nausea.  no diagnosis was made so i'm starting to feel a bit frustrated.  it's hard to accomplish much or have much patience when you don't feel well all the time.  thanks to my facebook friends for all their diagnoses.  it helped me think about some other root causes.  i've tried the acid indegestion medicine route and also the vitamin b6 but with no results.  there really seems no rhyme or reason to it all, which adds to my frustration.

in other news, i have a job interview next monday that i'm already anxious about.  boo anxiety!  it would be working in a pediatric dental office, which is what i did before having the boys.  it is definitely something i would enjoy and the extra moulah would be nice but i feel like this might be the start of a new season of life and that makes me a little sad.  it would just be part time while the boys are in school but to think that my "stay-at-home mom of little ones" days are over makes me long for those days all over again.  i'm not good with change.  but i am thankful for the opportunity to see what this interview might produce.

perhaps this new season of life will demand that i trust the Lord more and that is always a good thing, right?

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