Thursday, July 15, 2010

beach vacation 2010: day 4

once again, we were up early and on the road on day 4 of our beach vacation.  the destination this time: san antonio!

i wanted to squeeze in a few more adventures so we decided to head a little out of our way and drive to san antonio.  it has been a few years since john and i have visited and the boys have never been so i thought it would be fun to take them to the riverwalk and ride the riverboats there.
they did not seem to impressed with the boatride, partly due to the uncomfortable humidity and partly due to the fact that we were already so tired from our previous adventures.  when we asked them what they thought about it afterwards they both said they really liked it but you wouldn't have guessed that if you had been there!  we walked around the mall a little bit and then headed for some lunch.  our tummies were hungry and craving some mexican food! 

we were so happy when we saw this place off the highway!
the food was delicious (of course!) and gave us some much needed energy to continue on our trip.  so much so that we decided to act crazy and take these fun pictures just outside of chuy's.
you don't want to cross their path in a dark alley at night! do you?
nonna, the boys specifically told me to put these pics of elvis on the blog for you because they thought you would appreciate a pink elvis!
after chuys, we made like this jet plane and cruised home.  it was a long day but a great trip full of wonderful, fun memories!

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