Saturday, July 31, 2010

gone golfing

while i went in for a little job training at my new job yesterday, the boys took full advantage of their time with dad and went to the driving range.  while we have lots of plastic clubs, drivers, and putters at home and have put in many hours of perfecting our swing, this was the first time the boys went to a real driving range and used "real" clubs.

many moons ago when john was teaching in fort worth, he also had the privilege of being a golf coach (read: lots of reasons to go to the golf course!).  a generous donor gave him a box full of clubs that had been cut down for kids and those clubs now reside in our attic, just waiting for the day when our boys would be old enough to use them.

i hated to miss this "first," but i know the boys enjoyed doing their golf thing without mom/wife around!
my job training went well, and i was able to conjure up skills i haven't used in 5 years.  i am looking forward to new relationships there and making a little extra money!  i'm going to need some extra money if there's going to be three golfers in this family!

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