Thursday, July 29, 2010


we've had a few changes around here this week. 

the first change is one that we've been anticipating for 3 years!  thanks to the Lord's provision, we were able to replace our super gross (gross not from us but from the previous owners of this home) carpet this week.  we knew from the minute we moved in that we wanted to change the carpets. there were paint spots and stains that did not come out when we had the carpet cleaned before moving in, not to mention the previous owners had a large dog that was allowed inside.  fortunately we only have carpet in our 3 bedrooms, but carpet can be expensive, and required a chunk of change we just didn't have when we first moved in.  we started saving then but all those dang surprise expenses that crop up kept eating away at our savings, particularly my surprise surgery back in january.

nonetheless, through the Lord's provision, we were able to order carpet a couple of weeks ago.  i won't bore you with the details, but the ordering and installation came with it's own drama and headaches, which eventually led to (after many, many phone calls and lots of patience) the company upgrading our carpet at no further expense to us!  it was installed on tuesday and i'm not sure who was more excited, the boys or us!

here's burrito with the big reveal (and it wasn't even done yet!):
and i know the next 3 pictures will be totally boring but i know our family wants to see what the new carpet looks like in each room, so these pics are for them!
and here's a close up of the carpet.  i'm hoping you don't think it looks like 70's yellow shag carpet!
and for the other big change of the week....drum roll please....


and who doesn't love a before and after shot!  so here's the before (front view and back view):
i'm a little embarrassed to share these because their hair is SO long but we were waiting until the very end of summer so that the haircuts would be fresh for school.  makes sense, right?  just shake your head yes!

and here's the after!  we love the haircuts and can't believe the difference on noodle!  they both look so handsome and so grown up. 
right now that song "time is slipping away" is playing in my head.  i'm so emotional about this growing up thing!


Colored With Memories said...

love the new rugs and the new 'dos!

getting ready for school!?!

Jennifer said...

trying to but it has been delayed a week due to construction for the little ones. i'm glad for the extra time!