Wednesday, July 14, 2010

beach vacation 2010: day 3

well, our prayers were answered because we woke up to the sun shining and the rain departing!

i'm not sure who was more excited about going back to the beach, us or the boys!  we quickly ate breakfast, packed a picnic lunch, gathered our beach gear and headed out.  we were there by 9:30 am and only a few people were there.

i talked everyone into these cheesy photo ops.  why is it that beachy towns think you can only decorate in beachy themes and use the same beachy colors?  nonetheless, i wanted to take these pics.
the beach on this day was very different than the beach on our first day there.  on wednesday, the sand was dry and warm, the ocean was gentle and calm.  on friday, the beach was covered in water and seaweed and the ocean was crazy! 

it was quite windy and with the rain from the day before, the tide was higher.  john and i didn't know how this would affect the quality of our time there, but it ended up being great!  the boys loved this new experience of having to jump over the waves as they rolled in, and noodle still talks about how much he loved wearing his life jacket way out in the ocean and letting the waves push him toward the shore.
the boys each had a glass jar to collect beach sand, ocean water and seashells.  they took this job rather seriously and we brought back a nice collection of all 3!
we set up camp on a little dry patch of sand.  i was deeply engrossed in a book and it was so fun to sit and watch my men play in the ocean while i sat in the sun and read.  john entertained the boys this day by pretending to be a sea monster, building a rather impressive sand fort and letting the boys bury him in the sand.
we had packed a snack and lunch so we were able to stay until around 1:00.  despite my best efforts to protect everyone from the sun (we applied and reapplied our spf 50 sunscreen) we all came away with a sunburn on our faces. 
because we rarely get to swim in a big swimming pool, the boys and i braved the mosquitoes and swam at the condo's pool for about 30 minutes when we got back from the beach.  john headed up for a shower to avoid more sun exposure.  the boys had bought these big water squirters while we were shopping in corpus christi the day before, so we had fun shooting each other with those, and i had my chance to play shark with them in the pool.

in the picture above, you can see the views we had of the ocean.  john and i loved sitting in bed at night after the boys fell asleep and listening to the waves crash along the shore.

we had lots of fun but we were exhausted from all that activity.  after getting everyone showered, we had some rest time and then decided to drive to portland to eat at chili's for dinner.  we grabbed some aloe vera on the way back, washed the salt water off the car, and filled up the gas tank to prepare for our drive back home the next day.

but we weren't headed straight home...we had a few more adventures planned.

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