Tuesday, July 27, 2010

art project on the cheap

we rearranged the boys' bedroom a few weeks ago (john really loves it when i do this!) and we created a rather blank wall in the process.  i knew a trip to hobby lobby was in our future!

we bought 4 art canvases, some white, orange and blue paint, and a bag of assorted paintbrushes. 

i prepped the canvases by painting them a neutral tan color.
then i gave the boys complete freedom to paint whatever they wanted.  they both chose to do a swirly picture and a picture of circles created by dipping a cup into paint and then pressing it on the canvases.
i failed to take a picture while they were actually painting (and any mother of boys knows why!), but they were quite proud to show off their art work.
as burrito was painting his swirly picture he said, "this is called abstract art.  i learned that from martha (the show on pbs called martha speaks)."  it totally shocked and amazed me.  i knew i loved that show for a reason, ha!

when we finish updating a few more things in their room, i'll take a picture of how they look in their room.  i was quite proud of their artistic endeavors!

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