Monday, July 26, 2010

simple summer pleasures

storytime at our local library.  truthfully, this had me a little emotional thinking about how the boys were 3 and 1 when we first started attending this.  our storytelling librarian is quite remarkable.  she is definitely gifted to do what she does, and the kids love her!
lots of riding gators and bikes.  before 9 am in the morning so that we don't burn up!  burrito discovered that he can stand and pedal at the same time.
the big exciting news of the week was the fact that our street is being repaved, and the big work trucks came down the street to remove the edges of the road.  you can see the grated street in this picture.  it made for even more exciting riding!
i love noodle's hair blowing in the wind as he rides.  we go for a haircut on thursday and if i don't chicken out, he won't have hair to blow in the wind much longer!

i love these boys!
eating ice cream at braum's.  i love braum's!  i am glad they have survived and are still around.  eating ice cream is about the only good thing to do (besides swim, but we've exhausted that one!) during the hot afternoons!
i've been enjoying these sweet moments with my boys (in between all the ugly moments of too much together-ness) and the Lord gave me a sweet gift this past week...their school has been delayed a week (there's a new building being built and they need one extra week to finish) so i get one more week with them before school interrupts our together time!  thank you Jesus!

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