Tuesday, July 13, 2010

beach vacation 2010: day 2

unfortunately, this first picture pretty much sums up our day 2 of our beach vaction:
rain, and lots of it.  there was a tropical depression in the gulf of mexico and it relentlessly sent wave (no pun intended) after wave of rain showers.

we thought we might venture down to the pier during one of the few moments it wasn't raining that morning but we were swarmed by mosquitoes.  i've never seen anything like it.  i was thankful that in my infinite wisdom (ha!), i thought to pack our bug spray.  it literally saved our lives over the course of our stay.  i guess with all the water down there, mosquitoes just multiply.  these guys were huge and abundant in number.  we looked like complete dorks making a mad dash to our car anytime we wanted to go somewhere.  and the bad thing was, the mosquitoes for some reason hung out around the cars so no matter how fast you dove in and slammed the doors shut, there would be several in the car.  we would roll down all the windows and drive fast to get them out.  it was nuts!

we tried to make the most of the bad weather by driving into corpus christi.  the boys loved going over that huge bridge, in part due to the enormity of it and also because it made me a nervous wreck.  i loved the beach and the ocean but i don't love water all that much so a huge bridge over a lot of water made me a little anxious!

we did get a good look at the uss lexington, a retired world war 2 battleship.  we definitely want to go and visit that in person one day (when it isn't pouring!).
while in corpus we did a little shopping, ate our picnic lunch i had packed in the car and decided to head back to rockport in hopes that the rain had relented.

it had not.  so we decided to go to the movies!  we went to see toy story 3 and loved it!  there was a little 4 screen movie theater just down the road from the condo and it was so cheap! 

when we exited the movies, it was still raining so we made another infintely wise decision:  head to walmart for some toys to keep the boys occupied in the condo.  they picked out some hotwheels, a car garage and some bakugans (don't ask me what those are because i still don't understand them!).

next up was some fine dining at the local dairy queen!  i didn't really mind eating there because i happen to like dq and there's not one close to where we live.  the boys mainly appreciated the ice cream and because we all had a little cabin fever, we were extra goofy!
check out that ice cream moustache!
after dinner, we headed back to the condo and let the boys stay up later to play with their new toys.  despite the rain, we still managed to have a fun day.  but we went to sleep praying for some sunshine the next day!

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Colored With Memories said...

ah man! bummer about the rain....looks like y'all made the best of it!

and i TOTALLY know what you mean about the mosquitoes....we had the same issue with them hovering around our car in WI. we had to spray more "off" on ourselves in the van!