Saturday, November 6, 2010

hallow-weekend (a week belated)

so once again i'm grossly behind in my blogging ventures.  i'm quickly learning that i simply cannot accomplish everything.

but enough of that.  we celebrated our halloween all weekend long.  the boys kicked it off with their reformation parties at school. 

for our halloween costumes, the boys decided on being football players.  they each have their own football uniform and i applied a little black mascara on their cheeks and we called it good.  i love simple costumes!
on saturday, the boys and i did our own halloween thing while john went to golf with a group from our church.  the boys and i had such a fun "mommy time!" 

first, we went to the video store and picked out a movie to watch later that night.  then we went to our community fall festival at a local park.  we had attended this one a few years back, and the boys had fun, but the downside was having to wait in some long lines in order to do the activities. nonetheless, they were patient and had a blast.
we finished up there and then headed to ihop for breakfast for dinner.  the boys chose a chocolate face pancake and gobbled it up!
john joined us halfway through our meal and then we headed home for some movie time!

on sunday, we celebrated reformation day at church and then came back for an impromptu halloween lunch.  it consisted of mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls), cheese-covered bugs (macaroni and cheese that are bug-shaped), and chips with monster mash (guacamole).  the boys love to indulge my culinary creativity!
then sunday night we headed over to dallas to go trick-or-treating with some great friends.  our party represented 3 mermaids, a cheerleader, a baseball player and 2 football players.  we were a diverse group.
the moms took the kids while the men stayed back to watch the rangers play in the world series.  it was a bit chaotic trying to keep track of seven running children in the dark but we did it and all survived!  thanks again gibsons for hosting!

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Colored With Memories said...

it was crazy! and diverse!

glad y'all made it!