Wednesday, December 1, 2010

advent reading day 1

and so begins our advent reading and advent tree decorating for 2010. advent means "coming" and reminds us to reflect and think upon Christ's coming to earth for us. please join with us in reading God's Word as we look expectantly towards Christ's birth.

advent reading day 1

scripture reading: the story of creation, genesis 1 and 2, JSBB pages 18-27*

symbol: a dove, representing God hovering over the deep, silent darkness as he was making life happen

if you would like to check out the entire reading plan, you can do so here.

*we are using the jesus storybook bible by sally lloyd jones for our kid-friendly readings.


we are so excited to be doing this as a family once again.  here's what works for us:  we eat dinner as a family, discussing our day, and when everyone has finished eating, we move right over to the couch to snuggle up and read the bible reading for the day.  john and i take turns reading the story, one of the boys will pray and thank God for something from the story (for example, burrito thanked God for creating people and having a relationship with us from tonight's reading) and then the other boy will hang the ornament on the tree.  the boys rotate the praying and hanging of the ornament.  this year, noodle had the honor of hanging the dove.

it was a perfectly relaxed night reflecting on God's greatest gift.  thanks for following along with us.

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