Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas 2010

i think i love christmas more as an adult than as a child.  this time of year is so rich for a believer.  we loved (again) reading our advent readings each night and hanging an ornament on our advent tree.  burrito even read a few stories to us this year.  we enjoyed receiving christmas cards in the mail each day and praying for those families each night at dinner.  i love it when it's so cold outside you don't want to leave your house, or change out of your jammies.  i love the childhood anticipation that comes with christmas morning.  this christmas was no exception, and we have truly savored each minute, even the hours we've spent assembling lego sets!

here are just a few of my favorite pictures:

christmas eve present opening:  new jammies!
our traditional 3 presents on christmas morning
john's stocking stuffer...yes, he wanted a snuggie!
and then more presents at mimi's and poppy's
pillow pets, lego sets and new shoes topped the list of favorites this year.  we are blessed beyond measure.  praying you and your family had as sweet of a time as we did.

when i figure out how to download pics from my new fancy camera, i will post more pics from our christmas with nena, pappaw, nonna and uncle daniel.

merry christmas!

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Jacquelyn said...

So cute! Thanks for the Christmas card--I don't want to take down the one from last year, because it has all of you in it.